Endurance Moisture Solutions has been fixing moisture control problems for residents in Evans, Martinez and the surrounding areas for the past twelve years, and is a fully licensed contractor for the state of Georgia. With our focus firmly on superior customer service, we pride ourselves in fixing the most complex of moisture control problems the first time round to protect your home.

Furthermore, we take an open approach to dealing with our customers so that they fully understand the issues at hand and the options available. As our customer, you will stay informed every step of the way. Moreover, we are an approved HomeAdvisor provider and have received glowing reviews from our many satisfied customers on Angie’s List and various other consumer sites.

To experience our exceptional service for yourself in Martinez, Evans, Augusta, Thomson, Aiken, and the surrounding areas, contact us today. And when you do, you can trust us to do it once, and do it right.


Our Approach

Our approach to moisture control is to combine the latest in best practices in the moisture control industry and combine this with the best products for each type of issue to find a permanent solution.


Danielle & Abe

We are the owners of Endurance Moisture Solutions. With every project we become involved with we ask ourselves, "If this was our home, is this the best approach? Is this the best result?" We take the work we do personally and expect the best of our people as our customers expect the best from us.

Our Story

With backgrounds in premium services we came to moisture control as an opportunity to provide essential services in the same way that exclusive and premium services are offered with an eye to detail and customer service.


Roberto C.

I am the guy being picked up here. (I am not proud of that) I am crew leader at Endurance Moisture Solutions and am working my way through school. Eventually, I will be handling all of your financial goals as well as the space that you relax in at home.

Jaimie H.

I am the stronger, smarter and obviously more manly crew leader picking up the tiny little man-child that cannot handle his own weight. This is what I do and who I am. I am going to own this company.


Seth C.

I am the guy in front of this ridiculous group of people. I've been with Endurance since graduating school. Eventually, I will be hired to weld together either the James Bond villain's underwater lair or his space mansion. Until then, here I am and here you will find me. I am the Numero Uno Crew Leader and I handle anything and everything, whether its a 65 ton bulldozer or running crews on large commercial projects.

Mirna M.

Mr. Wilson hired me to scare all of the boys that work for him because I am a woman and I work circles around their lazy butts. Also, he is crazy.

Connor S.

I am one of only a few part timers that can handle the pace and intensity of what we do. Cowards don't show up and the weak die along the way. This is shown on a daily basis around here. When I am not pounding rebar into place, digging trenches by hand or up to my eyes in spiderwebs and snakes in a crawlspace, I am in band or taking too many classes.

Next Steps...

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