Drainage / Retaining Wall / Grading

Irene F. - Harlem

In the last couple of years almost half of our business has come from homeowners and businesses bringing us in to fix poor work done by other contractors. This was one of those. We put in downspout drains, french drains, a beautiful retaining wall, sod and refinished her driveway. This was a fun project.

Drainage / Retaining wall / Hardscapes /  Landscaping

Hood project - Aiken

This was a engaging project with a lot of different elements including drainage, landscaping, sod work, hardscapes, pavers, masonry, retaining walls and retaining the native plants.  These are some of our favorite kinds of projects with a lot of elements and materials that must come together by the end to create a single vision for the property. It begins with the most necessary like erosion control and drainage and ends with all of the right details.

Drainage / Retaining wall / Landscaping

Evan J. - Martinez

(Almost) everything we do starts with solving a drainage problem. This was a complex problem where the layers of clay and sand were creating problem from the top of this neighborhood all the way to the lower point here. This was preventing the homeowner from even being able to sell the home. We tied in downspout drains, reshaped the whole back yard and built a retaining wall. The system works and it looks better than when we began.

Water damage repair

Keisha T. - Evans, Ga.

Mrs. T reached out to us about a persistent and pervasive problem with her entryway leaking water and ruining her hardwood floors. We tore out the problem sections and repaired them with the original stock. We waterproofed the entryway mill work to prevent the problem from happening again.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Mirna N. - Augusta, Ga.

Mirna reached out to us to encapsulate her crawlspace. She was having a large umber of issues in regards to water, mold and humidity in her house which we solved by sealing the crawlspace. This was a difficult project but worth the effort.